The last couple months have been a real pain. We had the poor luck to launch our sync services co-incident with Apple launching iOS 9, new versions of the developer tools, and major changes to iTunes Connect (the back-end for the App Store). Things went haywire.

The first problem we had was learning about two crash bugs that didn’t materialize during beta testing. One was easily identified and fixed. The other we’ve never succeeded in reproducing ourselves, and it affects some portion (not all) of our customers still running iOS 7. Because we’ve never been able to reproduce it, we’ve been unable to fix it. Amidst our efforts, we ran into troubles submitting builds to Apple that set us back weeks.

We’ve finally come out the other end of that. At this time, the current version of all our recipe apps is 1.1.3. This version supports iOS 8 and later. We have invalidated all prior 1.1.x versions of the apps so that customers on iOS 7 can once again download the 1.0.x versions from the App Store they were using before the troubles.

The upshot is that if you want sync (version 1.1.0 and later) and future features, you’ll need to be on iOS 8 or later. We aren’t thrilled about losing backward compatibility, but at least our iOS 7 users are back up and running with the apps they purchased.

If you are using iOS 7 and the apps aren’t working, you may need to delete them from your device and re-download them from the App Store—you’ll get the 1.0.x version that should work fine (and you won’t be charged again).

For those that suffered through the last couple months with us, our apologies.