2017 App Update

All the apps are getting an update, today, but in the spirit of not fixing what ain’t broke, very little has changed.

One thing that has changed is that the whacky screen on the iPhone X is now directly supported.

More interesting, I think, is a refinement to the list presentation of your ingredient inventory. In the past, only items you had directly thrown the switch on got (green) checkmarks. In the new updates, you’ll now see gray checkmarks as well:

These new gray checkmarks are indicating that you’ve got the ingredient covered by other means. In the above example, bourbon has a gray checkmark because I have various specific bourbons in my inventory, hence, I have bourbon. A couple lines up, Booker’s Bourbon also has a gray checkmark for the exact same reason. See:

Note that nothing has actually changed with how the apps work: we’re just offering a little more information on this particular part of the interface. Perhaps this small feature will make life slightly easier for you?