An appreciation of Beachbum Berry’s Tiki+

As the lifecycle closes on Beachbum Berry’s Tiki+ and we transition to the future with Beachbum Berry’s Total Tiki, I think it’s useful to pause briefly and take stock.

I’m quite proud of Tiki+. The app began as a spinoff of another app, Cocktails+, long gone. The whole project and its subsequent revisions were astonishingly painless for the simple reason that Jeff Berry is such a practical, stand-up guy. In integrity, we immediately found a basis for our collaboration that has seen us through. While creating the app required quite a bit of work, the work was always a pleasure.

More importantly, Tiki+ has continued to be a pleasure, both for myself and (at the very least) hundreds of others. While I have eagerly consumed and frequently return to Jeff’s seminal books, Tiki+ has remained the hub at the center of my own exploration and enjoyment of exotic drinks. Of course, I made Tiki+ as much for myself as anybody else, but that’s not the only reason I have found Tiki+ an unusually validating project.

On the one hand, we only accumulated about 5,600 total sales of Tiki+ over the years. That’s a pretty small customer base for a $4 app. (You do the math: nobody got rich off this thing.) Exotic drinks is a niche market. On the other hand, it’s also a passionate market. Tiki+ accumulated forty-eight 5-star reviews, three 4-star reviews, and—amazingly for the App Store—zero lower reviews. A few representative examples of what’s been written recently:

One of my favorite apps. Makes learning about tiki drinks very easy. —FlintMI

Great collection of tropical drink recipes. It has a wealth of information on the ingredients.—JoeDonLooney

A great database for Tiki fanatics.—Jack Sotti

And perhaps my favorite:

I’ve been a fan of the Tiki culture for decades. But the drinks seemed too cumbersome. This app has changed my mind.—TinCatCanuck

To all our customers who took the time to help us with your kind, appreciative and respectful words, thank you. To everyone who showed Tiki+ to another, thank you. To the many individuals who have approached me or Jeff over the years to thank us for making Tiki+, you’re welcome. Finally, thank you to Dragon Forged Software (now MartianCraft) for making this possible in the first place.

We hope to delight you again in the immediate future. The outlook for serving niche markets with software is bleak. The economics are brutal and the business case is dubious at best. In passion and integrity there is hope.