Announcing: Martin’s Index

The spiritual successor to the old Cocktails+ app is now awaiting (a hopefully swift) approval for sale in the App Store. In keeping with the publications of the era it celebrates, the title’s a bit of a mouthful:

I’ll probably be referring to it as “Martin’s Index” or “Cocktails” most of the time. Here’s the essentials:

  • If you’re already familiar with Beachbum Berry’s Total Tiki, you’ll be right at home with Martin’s Index

  • Martin’s Index is a work in progress. It currently covers nearly every interesting single-serving drink from Jerry Thomas up to Prohibition. (~750 recipes)

  • Free, over-the-wire updates in coming months will deliver pretty much everything else up through the 1950s and 1960s, along with any stragglers and corrections; at this time, I have no idea how many total recipes that will be, but I look forward to finding out!

  • I’m already at work on the first updates, which will focus on Cuban drinks and the Prohibition-era sources that got us up to The Savoy Cocktail Book

For me, this app is a significant step toward my aspiration to have fingertip access to the entire span of drink recipes we associate with “the classics”. That dream has been a decade-long journey, and and the old Cocktails+ app were milestones on that road. Like those, this new milestone will undoubtedly have its imperfections and shortcomings, but for now, I’m quite pleased with it, and I hope you will be too.

Oh, and here’s a screenshot off my development iPad (similar on iPhone):