Hoffman House drinks come to Martin’s Index

Now available is a new database update for Martin’s Index that adds 47 new recipes from Charles Mahoney’s Hoffman House Bartender’s Guide (1912), an excellent reproduction of which has just been released by Cocktail Kingdom:

The Hoffman House, located on Madison Square, was for decades considered by many to be the best and most important bar in New York City, and along with the Waldorf, a crucible of Irish/American bartenders. Amongst other things, the Hoffman House bar appears to have played a significant role in the evolution of the Dry Martini (see the so-called “Mahoney Cocktail” in particular, and David Wondrich’s commentary in Imbibe!, the second edition of which, due in April, will probably further expand on this topic).

Mahoney’s book turns out to be an unexpected treasury of novel fizzes, flips, and single serving punches, many of which form the bulk of the additions to Martin’s Index. But the reason you’re going to buy the reprint of the Hoffman House Bartender’s Guide is not the recipes. More than half the book is Mahoney’s insightful treatise on running a bar. (The subtitle of the book is “How to Open a Saloon and Make It Pay”.) Plus, the book contains many half-tone photographs (!) of the Hoffman House, portaits of various bartenders, and historicaly important photographs of drinks, bar tools and glassware. The reprint reproduces all this faithfully, and prepends a new introduction from PDT’s Jim Meehan.

This update for Martin’s Index also adds ten recipes from Julien J. Proskauer’s post-Prohibition book, What’ll You Have. Onwards!