Café Royal comes to Martin’s Index

Today, I’m pushing out a database update for Martin’s Index of Cocktails that adds a whopping 143 recipes from W. J. Tarling’s 1937 Café Royal Cocktail Book - Coronation Edition. This book is the second-to-last (I hope) of the mammoth 1930s cocktail books I feel obliged to slog through, and it’s closely related to the UKBG Approved Cocktails book of the same year that I’ve already dispatched. There’s a good possiblity both books were put together by Tarling, but the Café Royal is explicitly his own (not in service to the UKBG) and has a consumer- rather than industry-focus. There’s a fair amount of overlap between the books, but the Café Royal has a huge number of additional original drinks with attributions. I’ve included most of them, and I’ve probably been too generous, but what the hell.

The same obsessions of day-and-place remain: passion fruit, tinted liqueurs, peach aperitif bitters, dry gin, myriad redundant Martini variations, and Kina Lillet. In the Café Royal, there’s a little more vodka and tequila and there’s a lot less rum (except for Bacardi, often referred to as “Daiquiri rum”). Oh yeah, and Khoosh Tonic Bitters; good luck with that!

The two main recipe highlights, I suppose, are the Champs Elysées and the Twentieth Century.