Indulging in the superfluous

A few weeks back, we noticed that a major front-and-center aspect of our new apps’ interface was heavily textual and terribly mundane-looking. We had achieved the functionality we needed, but the user experience was dull.

There are a lot of things about the flat, minimalist iOS 7 redesign I love. For one thing, the move away from skeumorphism has greatly reduced the amount of graphic art required to produce a polished app. For many apps, the design focus is now on typography. For me, this shift is a great relief.

The downside is that it’s now easier than ever to make a polished app that’s boring looking, without visual differentiation or romance.

So, it looks like we’re going to do precisely what seems to violate the iOS 7 gestalt, and add a prominent decorative element to the interface. This element will be a gewgaw that squanders valuable screen real estate and adds no objective functionality whatsoever.

And I think you’re going to like it.

—Martin Doudoroff