New app: Shaken and Stirred!

Happy New Year! I’m delighted to announce the immediate availability of the sixth app in my lineup of cocktail recipe apps: Shaken and Stirred: Easy Craft Cocktails to Make at Home.

This app is specifically conceived for beginners, but to my delight, has proven really handy for old hands like myself!

Essentially, this app combines my platform with select content from Small Screen—specifically Robert Hess’s The Cocktail Spirit and Jamie Boudreau’s Raising the Bar. The result is pretty great: 180 essential, reliable and proven recipes that everyone wants in their pocket. Plus, we’ve integrated the video content so each drink has a tutorial video sitting right there, to lead a beginner through the drink.

You can view a complete list of the included recipes here.

Otherwise, Shaken and Stirred works just like the other apps, and fully supports our ingredient inventory sync engine.

And if you’re wondering, yes, there’s a seventh (final?) app in the works. More on that soon!