Now available: PDT Cocktails

Following a year of diligent development, I’m delighted to announce the immediate availability of the PDT Cocktails app.

In this app, one of the most successful and accomplished cocktail bars of any era has opened their recipe book to you. With a little effort, you can reproduce their drinks exactly, or you can use their work as a springboard for your own experimentation.

PDT Cocktails is a legacy. The recipes comprise pretty much all the original drinks ever served at PDT as well as the fine-tuned classics PDT has featured on their menus.

  • Included are four hundred precise, carefully-worded drink recipes spanning all of PDT’s eight years of service

  • Every one of the recipes was re-tested by Jim Meehan and his staff for this anthology

  • Every drink was carefully photographed, documenting PDT’s choice of glassware and garniture (“We taste with our eyes first,”—Jim Meehan)

  • Nearly every ingredient was photographed, too, to provide a visual reference (!)

This is a flagship app—exactly what you would expect from the first James Beard Award-winning bar program—and a leading document of the contemporary “craft” cocktail movement.

Where our gaz regan’s 101 Best New Cocktails app samples contemporary drink ideas far-and-wide, PDT Cocktails runs deep. There’s tons, here, to learn by example. Personally, I’m struck with PDT’s remarkable utilization of Asian ingredients. I also feel they’ve really raised the bar for hot drinks, beer drinks, flips, sherry, champagne and aromatic effects.

The sheer quantity of ingredients employed across these recipes is, indeed, daunting. However, that diversity of ingredients is also the defining characteristic of the contemporary craft cocktail movement: we live in an era of unparalleled access to products and produce, so contemporary mixology reflects that fact. Nowhere will you find a more effective and consistent practitioner than PDT. While you may never make more than a fraction of these drinks, you’ll make a different fraction than anyone else will, and you’re going to love the drinks you make. (Moreover, almost all these drinks are quite straightforward to execute—after all, these drinks all had to be practical for a busy bar.)