Sippin’ Safari 10 Year Anniversary and Total Tiki Update

We’ve got a significant database update for Total Tiki, today, and here’s a message directly from Jeff “Beachbum” Berry to tell you all about it:

A lot has happened since the last major update to Total Tiki, including a new Beachbum Berry book, the first Beachbum Berry restaurant, and several additions to the Beachbum Berry barware line by Cocktail Kingdom. High time for Total Tiki to take advantage of all this new Bum stuff!

The biggest addition is 13 previously unpublished recipes taken from the brand-new Beachbum Berry’s Sippin’ Safari: 10th Anniversary Expanded Edition. Nine of these are “lost” vintage recipes from the 1930s-60s, which make their world premiere in the new book: from Don The Beachcomber’s, the Kona Cocktail, Skull & Bones, and Vicious Virgin; from Steve Crane’s Luau and Kon-Tiki Ports chain, the Bolo, South Seas Cooler, and Taal; from the Kona Hilton, the Chimp In Orbit; from Kelbo’s, the Cherie Valentino; and from the Mai-Kai, the White Cloud. The other four new recipes—Kama’aina, Poipu Beach Boogie Board, Polynesian Remedy, and Slow Crawl To Death—are contemporary neo-Tiki drinks from global Tiki bartenders whom the new book profiles in an afterward charting the Tiki revival that happened after the original Sippin’ was published ten years ago.

Since we were already adding these recipes from the new book, we took the opportunity to comb through the other books for unjustly neglected recipes that hadn’t yet found their way into the app. We found eight, which the new upgrade now includes: from Beachbum Berry Remixed, the Baron Samedi, Ginger & Lychee Caipirissima, and Glass Bottom Boat; and from Beachbum Berry’s Potions of the Caribbean, the Bay Roc Special, Crucian Banana Squash, Frangipani, Jasper’s Rum Punch, and Petion.

The Bum made extensive use of Total Tiki while choosing the drinks for his restaurant in New Orleans, Beachbum Berry’s Latitude 29, studying each and every app recipe before deciding on the 30 that eventually ended up on the opening cocktail menu. While doing so he noticed a few entries that could use a little adjustment, based on knowledge he’d picked up in the years after the last app overhaul. Most of these tweaks are pretty minor and merely involve brand recommendations—except for the Demerara Cocktail, which got a major recipe overhaul.

Finally, since the previous Total Tiki update Cocktail Kingdom has been busily cranking out new Beachbum Berry barware. Wherever these new items will enhance your experience of a particular app drink, we’ve updated its entry to say so. Chief among these are the Pearl Diver, 151 Swizzle and Rum Julep, Coconaut and Coconut Kallaloo, and Zombie. All these now have new drink photos or illustrations as well, as do quite a few other drinks—which we’ll let you discover on your own as you explore your newly upgraded app.

Okole maluna, and happy mixing!

The update should download automatically the next time you launch Total Tiki on your iPad or iPhone. If it doesn’t, make sure you’re on-line, tap the gear icon at the bottom of the main menu, and choose Check for update.

You can get your copy of the expanded 10th Anniversary edition of Sippin’ Safari from And you should! Mahalo!