Sync is coming

As I’ve casually mentioned on Twitter, we’re working on adding a synchronization feature to PDT Cocktails, Total Tiki, Martin’s Index and gaz regan’s 101 Best New Cocktails.


Our first goal is also arguably the hardest: to enable your ingredient inventory to synchronize across devices and between all four apps. In other words, if you flip on (for example) Beefeater London Dry Gin in PDT Cocktails on your phone, it will automatically be flipped on for not just PDT Cocktails on your iPad, but for the other recipe apps—where applicable—that you might have on either device.

Sync is hard in general, but making our situation particularly tricky is that the respective apps don’t all pull from the same pool of ingredients! We’re seeking to handle this disparity in a nuanced, useful and transparent manner that will make the apps much more useful as a set, without requiring you to think about it.

Our sync feature is likely to be deployed in the next software update as an “experimental” feature that you can enable if you’re comfortable being an early adopter. For various excellent reasons, we are not using iCloud for this feature. Unfortunately, this means you’ll have to set up yet another damned web service login, but we couldn’t really make this work any other way.

We’ve been alpha-testing the service for a few weeks and it’s pretty cool. When it’s all said and done, I think many of our customers will be delighted!