Total Tiki feedback

In addition to joy and rave reviews, we’ve consistently received two feature requests since the Total Tiki launch: notes and sync.

Customers clearly want to annotate recipes with their own notes. Perfectly logical. Such a feature was actually part of the original plan, but we ran out of time. The old Tiki+ app had a rudimentary notes feature, but experience showed it was just too rudimentary to be all that valuable. We think we can do much better, and we’re working toward it.

We’ve also gotten some requests from users with both iPads and iPhones to be able to sync their ingredients inventory across devices. Heck, I’ve requested it myself! This feature, too, was part of the original plan. Actually, the original original plan was to use the My Bar app as the inventory system. When that didn’t work out, we considered setting up iCloud sync for the inventory, but then realized all the good reasons we had to not proceed just yet.

To whit: the annual WWDC convention is coming up in June and Apple is going to announce all kinds of things that potentially impact both these features. We’re going to wait and see what transpires next month.

Meanwhile, we wanted to reassure you that we’re listening, and we hope to make an exciting new product announcement very soon!