Total Tiki gets thirteen additional recipes

After a bit of chin-scratching and re-testing, Jeff “Beachbum” Berry identified thirteen recipes from his essential history Potions of the Caribbean for inclusion in Total Tiki

Why only thirteen? Well, Potions of the Caribbean has a bunch of recipes in it, but have nothing really to do with Tiki, and a few are there for historical interest, not because they’re actually great drinks. These were the one’s the Bum felt were tastiest, so in they go:

Caribe Welcome (Caribe Hilton)
Colonial Grog (Don the Beachcomber)
Hurricane Buster (Joe Scialom)
M-One (Joe Scialom)
Myrtle Bank Punch (Don the Beachcomber)
Myrtle Bank Punch (Trader Vic)
Puka-Puka Punch (Don the Beachcomber)
Siboney (Trader Vic)
The Caribbean (Kon-Tiki)
Tiki Bowl (Trader Vic)
Tropical Itch (Joe Scialom)
Virgin Island Kula (Ray Buhen/Tiki-Ti)
Voodoo Grog (Trader Vic)

Since the fifteenth Hukilau gets underway tomorrow in Ft. Lauderdale, we thought now would be a good time to release them!