Total Tiki off to a solid start

Total Tiki has now been on the market over a week and has enjoyed strong initial sales for a niche product. We thank our customers for spreading the word. Meanwhile, here are some nice things our customers have said about our app:

With 250 recipes and tons of fun facts and explanations, this app is easily worth $10, although you could reasonably pay $50 for it and it would still be a bargain. —JoeK

Scrupulously researched and beautifully designed, this is a must for anyone with a serious passion on down to those with a simple passing interest in the history, culture and the crafting of tiki drinks.—Chantel4

This app is a 1000% improvement on Tiki+! Very excited to start mixing up cocktails again!—Joshua H

I loved the earlier app (Tiki+), and this is a gorgeous step up with a lot of added functionality. Jeff Berry's tireless research into the real recipes, right in your pocket!—Humuhumu

If you would spent 10 dollars on a Mai Tai you owe it to yourself to buy this app. A must have for anybody who loves rum, good times, and the history of both.—HadiK