What’s in a drink ingredient?

So, here’s the first “official screen shot” from the new recipe app project!

screen grab of ingredients switches


Well, maybe it’s not so exciting on the face of it.

We see a simple list of some obvious cocktail ingredients in alphabetical order, each with a switch by it. One—Cherry Heering—is checked. Cool. Perhaps this is part of somebody’s inventory?

It is. But what does it mean?

The obvious, facile answer is that the user should be able to make a drink containing Cherry Heering. Right?

Sure. But isn‘t that simplistic, or at least awfully strict?

What about a drink recipe that calls for “cherry liqueur”? Cherry Heering is a cherry liqueur, so shouldn’t the user be able to make that drink, too?

But there’s “cherry liqueur” right below it in the screen shot… and it’s not checked. What does that mean?

And what about yet another drink recipe that specifically calls for Luxardo’s superb Sangue Morlacco cherry liqueur? Can the user make that drink with Cherry Heering instead? If so, is it still the same drink?

One ingredient, one switch, many questions.

—Martin Doudoroff